Technical foam products for every application

Our extensive foam-cutting, product design and tooling capability allows us to come up with innovative solutions that solve challenging customer problems.
Medical products


Premium production capabilities allow us to create highly standardised and efficient foams for the medical industry and clinical applications.


Producing effective cleaning materials and products for consumer and industrial applications using different grades of foam.
Filtration Products


Our filtration foams cover the full porosity range and can be laminated with other materials to form complex filtration media.


From construction and automotive through to consumer products, we reduce vibration and eliminate background disturbances.


Airtight and watertight sealing solutions for all complex assemblies, available in blocks or sheet foam form or as manufactured bespoke parts.


Efficient insulation products and materials for a range of applications in buildings, vehicles and industrial plant and machinery. 


A diverse range of cost-effective products to protect items in transporation or from usage damage.

Specialist Products

Working with you to develop specialist foam products tailored to indivdual requirements.using cutting-edge materials, finishes and manufacturing techniques.