Through our many global supply partners, we are able to stock hundreds of grades of flexible foam and rubber as well as a vast range of facings and adhesives backings. The combination of this wide stockholding and our technical materials knowledge increases our capability to fulfil complex product and component design needs.

As a licensed BASF convertor of Basotect® we are able to offer products from across the Basotect® range. With its excellent, thermal, acoustic and high fire-retardancy properties, coupled with its very low weight characteristics, its applications are growing across industry. In the Rail industry for example, we have been able to combine Basotect® with foil facings to increase performance and, with Group processing capability, have also thermoformed the material to produce complex three dimensional components.

Fireseal™ is an ideal acoustic material for use in generator cabinets as well as building applications and forms part of our growing range of acoustic materials with densities from 9kgm3 to 230kgm3.

Semi-closed cell EPDM materials from Nitto are widely recognised as having exceptional sealing properties and form part of our wide range of sealing materials. We also offer semi-closed cell PU foams that reduce weight and provide watertight seals at low compression. Our range of EPDM and Neoprene materials can be split to exacting tolerances and supplied in roll, sheet and finished component form.

Our filtration foams cover the full porosity range, from 10ppi to 110ppi and can be laminated with other materials to form complex filtration media. Also used as a carrier material, these products can be impregnated to improve their fire performance or to add technical capability such as carbon impregnation. Products can be made self-supporting and used across a vast range of applications including medical and automotive breather filters, water filtration and plant propagation.

Through the unique combination of extensive stock and our production and material conversion capability, we can offer an unrivalled service across a vast range of requirements for nearly every industrial application.

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