Unrivalled foam conversion capabilities

Our extensive, cutting-edge manufacturing and foam conversion capabilities enable us to produce a vast range of bespoke, high-performance products and components for diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Die-cutting and kiss cutting

Our cutting capabilities enable us to manufacture parts and components in low and high volumes in an almost limitless range of materials.

CNC knife cutting and routing

CNC-controlled production equipment ensures a high degree of accuracy is maintained throughout small and high-volume production runs and across batches.

Block splitting and log cutting

Convert a range of foam materials into your desired size and shape with extreme precision using our block-splitting and log-cutting capabilities.

Lamination and bonding

Enhance product functionality with attributes such as anti-bacterial, thermal resistance and fire-retardancy, by laminating, coating and bonding materials.


In-house profiling capability means we are able to cut materials to any shape and size with a high level of accuracy.


Combining and assembling components, creating finished products ready for the production line.