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Foam Techniques shows its Environmental credentials as they work towards ISO14001 and goes Zero To Landfill

In a changing world it’s vitally important that we all play our part in ensuring the success of today is not a burden for the future.

At Foam Techniques we take seriously our Environmental impact, that’s why we are committed to achieving ISO14001 this year.

As an important step to this, we have been working on ways of reducing waste through recycling, reprocessing and generally reducing unnecessary waste.

As a result, and after a lot of hard work from 2014 we are sending Zero To Landfill.

It’s been no easy task to achieve this, and it’s taken a commitment from all our staff to make this happen, so we asked David Foy (Systems Manager) how we we achieved it?

 “We have firstly reduced waste from within process by talking to customers and working with raw material suppliers. Through carefully sorting of the remaining waste we now recycle all our waste cardboard and dry foam, this is then reprocessed and turned into new products.

What’s left is then sorted by our waste partners, being further recycled and reprocessed, and then anything that can’t be reprocessed is turned into energy helping to keep the lights on”.

The net effect is we no longer send any waste to landfill, historically a big problem for companies like ours, At Foam Techniques we are as focused on the future as we are on today.