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Vitally important to any business is a leader with a clear vision

VITALLY important to any business is a leader with a clear vision and the experience to see a situation from more than one point of view.

When Foam Techniques appointed Steve Thomas as Operations Director four years ago, it was clear that a wide range of skills and knowledge was going to allow Steve to transform the fortunes of the company.

Steve started in the foam business 20 years ago on a management training programme with another company and spent his early years working in all aspects of the business, from loading vans to working on the factory floor to learning sales techniques.

Having moved into sales full time, he took over as Operations Manager at Foam Techniques, overseeing orders going out of the factory, ensuring they were on time and exactly what the customer wanted.

Managing Director Vinay Relan said: "Four years ago, there were some changes at Foam Techniques after our turnover started to go in the wrong direction. Steve became Operations Director when our turnover was £4.2 million, slightly down on the previous year, and since then we have seen it grow year on year to around £7.5 million this year.

"Steve is a leader and is self-motivated, motivating others to get the best out of them. He's an important part of the team and plays no small part in our success."

Steve added: "We're always looking for new ways to build on our success, to attract new business and to look after the customers we already have, coming up with new products and applications that benefit their businesses. The company is more focused now and more successful now and that's because we've developed a workforce with the right attitude.

"I think that my background, learning all parts of the business enables me to look at things not just as a salesman, or as a manager, but to see the whole picture and make sure that whatever we offer works for both sides, giving the customer what they want and making sure the factory has what it needs in place to do that.

"And if I still have to get out there and help load vans, then I'll do that if that's what it takes."

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