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David Proctor puts the customer first everytime





FOAM is everywhere, used in all manner of applications, from gaskets and seals, air and water filtration, packaging and household items through to thermal insulation and noise reduction in major manufacturing industries.




Knowing the market, the products that will work best and the most cost-effective way of meeting requirements demands an expert understanding of foam, and David Proctor, Northern Area Sales Manager with Foam Techniques in Wellingborough, offers exactly that.

David joined the knowledgeable team at Foam Techniques almost 15 years ago after working in the industry for many years, and handles regular accounts and new customers throughout the northern area of the UK.

“Bringing in new business is vitally important,” said David, “but just as important as retaining the good relationship we have with existing customers. Sometimes they will come to us with a specific problem and it’s up to me to identify what products will work best within budgeted cost targets. Sometimes they will have a product in mind, but maybe I can work with them to find something from our range that is more suitable and cost effective. In the new applications of foam, I always try to ensure that over engineering is reduced to a minimum as it impacts on price and reduces the need for value engineering down the line.

“That way, the relationship works well and they keep coming back to Foam Techniques because they know they get a personal service, with fast turnaround times on prototypes because we have the capacity to do that, until they find exactly what works best for them.

“With some of our competitors, we know that this might not be possible, but we keep the customer at the heart of what we do.”

Vinay Relan, Managing Director of Foam Techniques, said: “David Proctor is one of the best salesmen in this business. He’s extremely knowledgeable about foam qualities and applications and is a very strong member of the Foam Techniques sales team.”